Nana's Best


We just love parties!

Our Nana has given us great traditions to pass onto our family. One of those great traditions is the dessert table at all our family gatherings. Specialty desserts are at all our celebrations with the unforgettable down home comfort. Will you join our family? We would love to have you pull up to the table and sit back and relax. Loosen your belt and prepare to taste that homemade difference that only Nana can create!

Vintage Table Set


It's what's on the inside that counts

We are living life with a purpose. We are all called to love one another and bring joy to this world through our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. His love and joy one day will fill the air in all those lives that call on His name. We love family and we hope that you will consider joining the family of God through Jesus Christ. Be blessed to be a blessing!